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So, what is new?

The mobile industry is a fast moving challenge, so new updates was needed to add more experience since last and even new sections and chapters.

Some of the highlights are:

  • More 4G theory and LTE basics
  • Small Cells, have been updated and added as a separate chapter. Small Cell application and deployment tips in a typical small to medium office environment
  • More details on PIM
  • Updated tunnel planning
  • HetNet introduction and basics
  • Data capacity planning added to the traffic chapter
  • More details and graphs in the Link-Budget section
  • Updated section on tools for RF planning
  • Application focus chapter, covering some of the typical applications and things to watch out for and hints for each type:
    • Office buildings
    • Large high rises
    • Malls
    • Warehouses
    • Convention centers
    • Airports
    • Sports arena challenges
  • Planning procedure from start to finish and proposed process flow and documentation needed

Thanks for all your inputs and suggestions of topics to add. Keep them coming…

Testimonials from Amazon.com

Everything you need to know about indoor radio planning is here from practical approach to business level.
A great book on a hotter than ever topic. Technical, as the subject requires, but accessible to anyone interested in indoor coverage.
Excellent book, easy to read and follow. Full of practical advice.
A Key book for those who wants to understand and design Indoor systems.
Absolutely FANTASTIC!! Not for scientists.
It’s a great book and breaks down everything on indoor systems.
A great book on a hotter than ever topic. Technical, as the subject requires, but accessible to anyone interested in indoor coverage.
This book was a very good reference book to see another engineer’s view on indoor radio planning. I have used this book as companion/reference to see different angles on indoor RF planning.
This is a great book that I would highly recommend to any DAS engineer. As the other reviewer mentioned, it is written with an engineer in mind, not a scientist. Any office that works on these type of systems would be well served by having a copy of this book. I like that it starts at square one with basic repeater driven systems and evolves to cover advanced designs like elevator shafts and subway tunnels. This makes it of value to the new guy on the team as well as the seasoned veteran.
We all know there’s no avoiding the complex math behind the engineering; it serves a purpose right? But if you want to get a real ‘hands-on’, practical and with very well simple graphics and visuals in the world of DAS and Indoor systems, this is the book for you. The author is very humble yet to the point, making a very effective transition between the complicated to the “making sense”. Moreover, having been in the world of CDMA and CDMA2000 and EVDO for years now, the initial topics on GSM, UMTS are a big plus, especially with LTE here now to stay! This book is well worth the price. Any DAS or In building RF Eng needs this one as part of his/her shelf resources.