Morten Tolstrup

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Morten Tolstrup is the Director of Business Development at JMA Wireless, responsible for DAS. Previously Morten has worked for LGC Wireless, ADC, Tyco-Electronics & TE-Connectivity.

Morten is the author of “Indoor Radio Planning” and he has held a number of jobs for major DAS suppliers over the past decade, responsible for multiple flagship DAS projects and deployments on a global scale. In addition to this, he spent 13 years in a number of different engineering positions with a mobile operator in Denmark, mainly focusing on indoor RF planning, tunnels, airports, and small cells.

Morten has conducted his certification class in Indoor Radio Planning across the globe, resulting in more than 200 certified Indoor Radio Planners

Morten has presented at multiple International conferences across the globe over the past 25 years, from papers to inter-active workshops.